Saturday, January 30, 2010

Eating to Live= bingeing to death?

Recipes Tried 68/250
i really should make an effort to post more often because then it comes to the end of the week and i have so much to say i'm practically bursting with ideas and comments! but here we are..

i am not really going to do my regular recipe roundup because i didn't really make too many recipes this week as i was trying to get back to eat to live, which i did successfully for the first 4days of the week as i promised myself i would. and i did actually loose a bit of weight..which i consequently regained im sure by my weekend eating habits. I just have a little "thing" for sugar. I cant get enough of it!

I've wondered, since i went back to eat to live- if its causing me to want to binge more because i deprive myself so badly on it of the obvious things aka: fats (even healthy oils) and carb's in the form of whole grains even. I felt more bingey this weekend then i have the whole month when i wasnt following the plan religiously.
hmmm...thats food for thought. but i still prefer how etl makes me feel when i'm following it religiously.

highlights of the week:

*i learned a new trick!! on how to improve green smoothies (because kale tastes just yucky in them!!!!!)- it is, to blend 1/2lime rind and all into the smoothie and it will mask the taste of the greens. This actually worked!!! and made my smoothie of blueberry, radicchio, romaine, and parsley palatable.

Kind Recipes Tried:

  • Alicia's magical healing soup: A! tastes like it's actually healing you :)
  • Crispy peanut butter treats: i cant rate because i didn't really make them properly, and i used millet puffs, but the brown rice syrup was kind of sickly sweet and not enough PB flavor, plus: carob chips do not work well in this
  • Black Soy Bean and Kabocha Squash Stew: B, kind of bland- maybe i made it wrong i didnt have all the same ingredients but it kind of left something to be desired. I did like the squash though! which i've never had before! and was beyond excited to find at planet organic!
  • Lemon PoppySeed Poundcake Cupcakes: umm.SOO GOOD!!! A++, i ate 4 in one day and my family even approved them- that was even with me cutting the sugar. I love love love em, but i wont be making them that often as i am tempted to eat them all- and they still have oil in them. oops :O

thats all for now! busy busy busy and stressed, the goal for next week will be to make more recipes and use etl ones or etl principles= without stuffing myself.

xoxo Green Love Goddess

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