Monday, September 6, 2010

sharing the green love

hello fellow bloggers- i dont know if anyone even reads my blog but me, but its comforting for me to post and i feel that if i send some wisdom i have discovered into cyberspace, the love and good vibrations will continue to flow.
i have not been as active in posting as i originally hoped to be, mostly because im lazy with using my camera and i know food isnt very appetizing unless you can see it! we eat with our eyes!
i have made many delicious things- mostly from friends blogs and it excites me to find and try a new recipe or a blog to follow.
That being said, i will try to use my own blog more actively, to post MY recipes so that someone might feel that same bit of joy i get when i try out a new recipe and secondly to give credit to the faithful bloggers who i follow for their delicious recipes.

This week im going to follow mainly "oh she glows" mixed in with whatever i through together of course, as i am a busy working woman now- this will also include weekly blogs to follow or recipes based on 'cleaning out the fridge". It will be a challenge, but nothing im not up for :) stay tuned

Lets share love, life, and good food!
xoxo Green-Love Goddess

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