Tuesday, June 22, 2010


My fiance is Yugoslavian and has been introducing me to several lovely culinary delights from his country. This one is one of my absolute favorites, i adore ajvar! What is it? it is a chunky spread made of roasted red peppers, water, and salt. thats it! and it is SO delicious. Its such a nice change from sweet things on your morning breads and no doubt has several creative uses. The best brand is Yugoslavian of course, but you will find many different varieties that may contain oil, eggplant, tomato or any combination at European grocery stores. This one is called Bakina Tajna which means, from Grandma's Kitchen. I love that! if you can find it in your area, give it a try, maybe i'll make my own one day.

For now, here is a VEGETARIAN recipe (contains cheese)- if you get Daiya where you are, that may be a worthy cheese substitute but i do not have any where i am. I created this sandwich for him because i have converted him into a flexitarian- and he eats vegan/vegetarian with me all the time. For me, the cheese is a bit too much for my stomach.

Roasted Red Pepper (ajvar)/ Artichoke Panini

2 slices Whole grain bread; or foccacia, sourdough
1 Artichoke heart; comes from water packed can
2-3tbs Ajvar
pinch oregano, red pepper flakes
1tsp earth balance butter, mixed with minced garlic
1slice Swiss Cheese; or daiya white cheese

Prep. heat up your panini maker! or grill pan, spread garlic butter on one slice of bread, and ajvar on the other
Assemble. drain and slice artichoke heart, layer on the bread with butter, sprinkle with oregano, red pepper flakes, put cheese on top, then ajvar bread on top of that
Grill. till your cheese melts, or if not using just till crispy

~focaccia bread or Italian ciabatta bun works best
~pesto spread instead of avjar + roasted red peppers sliced
~hummus instead of butter

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