Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Healthy Bread

My friend "truebody" gave my this recipe but i did modify it a bit so its kind of revamped, the recipe was neither of ours to begin with. Either way, im still THRILLED whenever i realize that i can make bread by hand successfully! wohoo!

Bread is tricky, and i dont know how to make it really so just do your best and hope for the best! there is room for a little moderation in this recipe, contrary to belief that if you measure wrong or time wrong in baking you will screw it up

1cup Warm water
1tsp Active Dry Yeast
2tsp Honey or maple (up it for more sweetness, this wasnt that sweet)
1cup Warm water
1tsp Salt
2tsp Bran
1cup Rolled oats
4cups Stoneground light spelt flour*note

Prep. combine 1cup warm water, yeast, honey and rest for 5-10min
combine flour (sift if you would like lighter bread, i did not), salt, oats, bran
add other cup of water to yeast mix, stir a bit, add to dry mix, form ball* note: this makes for a very heavy loaf which may not taste that great the next day, experiment with adding white flour for lighter texture
Shape.im not sure why, but when i make bread its very sticky* and i find i have to add 1/4-1/2c more flour- i dont measure this, just keep mixing till it will hold a ball shape and doesnt stick completely to your fingers
Rise. lightly coat a bowl with oil, plop ball of dough in there, cover with tea towel and give it at least 1hr to double in size; *note: if you have time, try a double rise to add more lightness
Bake. 350F for about 40minutes, keep and eye on it
i had mine with earth balance butter and homemade plum jam.mmmm

~use any flour your like, i like spelt, but you could you could use wheat or mix with white
~add cracked wheat, flax, more bran instead of oats

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