Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tastes Like Summer Lemonade

I have been obsessively drinking this stuff for days so i thought it would be only fair to share it. Lemonade is lemonade right? simple? No- this one is special, and best of all its homemade so if you are one of those people who buys minuite made lemonade concentrate in the summer, no need! By the way- i didn't know myself that its not JUST lemons in that stuff, its other fruit juice concentrates. This stuff is pure lemons, antioxidant rich and refreshing.

This recipe comes from French Cooking at Home on the food network, so i can't take credit. I made it for my lemonade loving fiance but found i enjoyed it much more myself, the mint is a necessary addition. In my opinion, the lemon zest syrup ups the lemonade flavor and provides just enough sweetness/tartness.
Lemon zest syrup
zest of two lemons
2cups water
2cups sugar
for one large glass
2tbs lemon zest syrup
1tbs fresh mint leaves
1 lemon; juiced
water to the top
Prep. in a sauce pan, add water sugar, and the zest of two lemons (don't have to fine zest)
Boil. for about 5-10min till sugar is dissolved, and lemon zest is infused
Cool. reserve for your lemonade later
Serve. by adding about 2tbs lemon zest syrup to the glass (to your taste), mint leaves (crush with spoon a bit), ice, juice of 1 lemon, and fill with water.
Great way to get your water AND antioxidant rich lemon with little sugar!


  1. Looks and sounds fabulous. Much processed white sugar is not vegan.....SOOOOO... try some agave, stevia or maybe splenda or raw sugar?

  2. Oh forgot to mention its Cane Sugar (raw!)

    Elaine- thank you! hopefully you find something you want to try :)