Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Astrology & The Quest for Spiritual Enlightenment

I never really paid to much attention to astrology but latley a few things have happened in life that make me believe that its not just a load of BS!
My interests are becoming more and more spirtual, artistic and creative which is exactly where my horoscope puts me, very very interesting. So i'm going to be spending more time working on these qualities. and im posting them!

PISCES: Your strengths now are: your imaginative talents; being able to think with the heart; compassion and forgiveness. Your vulnerabilities now are: a tendency to let others steer the ship; the impulse to check out of reality; being easily discombobulated
This month brings some calm, relatively speaking, and a time to catch your breath. In fallow periods, use this to try meditation or healing modalities that help you unravel any tensions and negativity

SUN-naturally artistic bent toward life. Exquisite emotional sensitivity is a gift that needs the balance of self-protection and healthy choices
MOON-instinctual empathy for others, and is vulnerable to the emotional atmosphere around them. Needs lots of time to dwell in the private world of the imagination, nap, dream, take baths and contemplate the mystery
MECURY-A sensitive, compassionate thinker that can become confused with too much stimuli or negative influences.

very interesting!!

AND- i'm reading the book of secrets- depak chopra. Very good stuff!! this will force my out of my comfort zone and push me to start living my life in a pure and divine way.

Zucchini-Tomato Herb Soup
-1md Yellow onion, 1 garlic; chopped
-1 Zucchini Squash; cut in thin chunks
-5-6 Ripe fresh tomatoes; cut in chunks
-4c 'Chicken' broth
-1-2tbs Fresh; basil, oregano, sage
--> simmer for about 10min and puree the lot; s & p to taste

Orange Kale Salad
-2-3 stalks Kale; cut up leaves
-1md head Broccoli
--> Steam lightly
-2-3tbs Sliced Almonds; toasted
-1 orange; sections (skin off)
-red onion slices; grated carrot on top
Dressing; Balsamic-Miso-dijon; 1tbs balsamic, 1tsp white miso, 1tsp dijon mustard; shake shake

Cajun Black Bean Salad
-3-4 White mushrooms; sliced
-2-3 Bell peppers; red, orange or green; chopped
-1/2 White onion; sliced
--> saute in water; cajun spice mix
add: 1/2c Brown Rice; cooked
3/4c Black beans; rinsed
1-3tbs Tomato paste
--> heat; pour on top of Romaine lettuce + or Spinach


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