Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy 1 Year Anniversary Veggie Girl!

SOOO guess what??? I completely missed that Oct 20,2008 was my 1yr Vegetarian anniversary!! i thought it was the 27th for some reason and was looking forward to celebrating it...damn..i guess i dont need to celebrate food wise anyway. But in honor of this accomplishment i want to reflect a bit;

When i started this journey, i told myself i was just doing a "diet" and it wouldnt be permanent, i didnt believe i could really give up meat AND dairy, but giving up meat was surprisingly easy. there are so many other wonderful food options and combinations that exist without being "flavoured" by meat! most people dont realize that 90% of the food at restaurants are meat dishes that dont really need to be meat- is this because they cant think of creative dishes without it??

My favorite questions to hate are; HOW CAN YOU LIVE WITHOUT MEAT???!!, How do you get your protein?? You must get sick often?? You're weird!, Ewwww thats gross!, So what do you eat?? salads and stuff?? And of course; id DIE if i couldnt eat meat and cheese!!
um--how about you'll probably die sooner then me if you do!

HELLO!!!?? people!! i eat Soy protein, Tofu, Legumes, Whole grains, and Fruits and Vegetables. DUH!! didnt you know there was protein in vegetables?? Also Phytochemicals and Nutrients!! i actually hate having to explain this to people because it only makes them doubt their diet and get defensive instead. Soo annoying.

My goal being vegetarian has always been to continue to create tasty flavourful dishes which i think i have accomplished, i never feel im missing out and continue to find new foods to enjoy. Being vegetarian was the best choice for my health, i have learned so much and become so clean and healthy- i have loads of energy, little pain and discomfort, rarely get sick, can cook amazing vegan food and don't need to rely on supplements to get a balanced diet.
I also never expected to become the crazy vegetarian kind that i have become which is; mostly organic, non processed, vegan, sugar free, artificial fat free and sodium free!! So of course eating with me is a nightmare! but i swear i cook good food :) So thanks to Eat To Live for that and for converting me to a Nutritarian. Its amazing how i've picked up little tips along the way like a sponge. Eat to Live by Dr.Fuhrman is seriously the best thing in the world! i'd recommend it to anyone.

Im so glad i read skinny bitch 1 year ago and finally took the plunge. I truly believe that vegetarian is best for health and have the research to prove it!! i will not judge people who eat meat still-- but they cant truly know the health benefits till they take the 30day challenge like i did and end up here! it feels great. Im finally below 130 for for the first time in my life THANKS to being vegetarian :)

Im really proud to be vegetarian/newly Nutritarian and am excited to be a vegetarian nutritionist so i can teach people the benefits of this lifestyle! its a great tool for losing weight, getting healthy and preventing disease.
heres to 1 more year veg :)!

Resources that i recommend:
-Skinny Bitch <--for a start, easy to read and gives you the basics in a funny relatable way
-Eat to Live <--get serious about your health and make the switch for good -The China Study <--amazing research and PROOF that vegetarian IS healthy -www.blog.fatfreevegan.com <--amazing food that will change your view on vegan cooking -www.diseaseproof.com <--recipes for eat to live and loads of great health information

*Nutritarian- What is she talking about!!??

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