Monday, October 12, 2009


Its Thanksgiving and i nearly forgot the meaning of the celebration! to be thankful, so here i will take a few moments and note what im thankful for this year:

1- My Health; being vegetarian was the best decision for me and i've come very far in achieving my goals and have seen MAJOR health benefits; more energy, no getting sick, lower body weight, light TOM :), cleaner and healthier feeling; i've become an incredible cook.
2- My Friends; online or in the real world, i've met some great people who support my lifestyle, inspire me to keep pushing, and give me the confidence to push for my dreams. Thank you to all of them
3- My Family; who always support me and try to make me happy-who will always be there even when im old and shouldn't depend on mommy and daddy- they will always make sure i dont have to struggle, financially or mentally
4- My Breakup; i've gone back and forth deciding if i should be depressed about this but i'm leaning to the positive side. he gave me the opportunity at having myself back! stronger then ever, and the next person who i find will love and cherish me as i deserve to be treated everyday
5- My Home; i have the most beautiful house to live in! and the coziest bed anyone could hope for, what a luxury!
6- My Job; i work with amazing nice people who genuinely care about me and their job! we all get along and support each other, im thankful they let me go to school and still keep my hours and im happy that i've worked there for 2 years! Also; i have the money to spend on all the things that i love- good food, good clothes
7-My Life!; i've been so blessed to never suffer any hard ship, very little bad luck, and have been mostly unscathed by the cruelty of life. Im so thankful that i live in a safe and peaceful place. And that i get to go to school and actually live my dream of becoming a nutritionist and helping people!

And finally
im thankful for myself!
i am a gentle healing presence
my imagination is a vast and infinite resource
i see clearly and feel with pure emotions

happy thanksgiving everyone!! and remember, be thankful for everything you have, you never know when it may be gone!

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